Please contact one of our service professionals for a fixed quote.

Service Rates*


$45 per hour
Painting, fiberglass, bottom work
$95 per hour Mechanical, electrical, plumbing

70 ton

$7.00 per foot
Haul, block & launch (two strap)
$8.00 per foot
Haul, block & launch (four strap)
$6.00 per foot
Survey haul & launch up to 45' (no block)
$7.00 per foot
Survey haul & launch over 45' (no block)
$7.00 per foot
Load / offload from trailer
20,000 lb
$75.00 per hour Includes Labor


$16.00 per foot Includes labor and materials
DETAILING: $25 per foot Hull sides
    -House sides priced upon inspection


Paint Up to 30' 31'-40' 41'-50'
Fiberglass Bottomkote $20/ft $22/ft $23/ft
Micron CSC $26/ft $28/ft $29/ft
Trinidad $29 /ft $31/ft $33/ft
Micron Extra w/Biolux $30/ft $33/ft $35/ft
Trinidad SR $32/ft $35/ft $37/ft

- Price haul, pressure wash, block, light prep sand, paint, materials, labor and launch.

- Scraping / sanding is $45.00 per hour additional

- Other manufacturers' anti-fouling paints quoted upon request

*Rates effective May 2010. Subject to change without notice.

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